Can I import my existing risk register?

It is more copy and paste than import. First you customize the dropdown lists such as Risk Categories and Risk Owners using the exact text from your current register. You can then copy-paste entire columns from Excel into the SharePoint List using the Quick-edit capability.

Will you help me migrate my data and configure?

Within reason. We will provide up to two hours of support to help get you started through a screensharing session. That is generally all that is needed. The application is very easy to use.

Can I customize the risk register?

Yes. You can easily customize the Risk Register dropdown fields. Other modifications are possible with a little bit of SharePoint know-how.

What about security and system availability?

Keep in mind your risk data is not on our servers. You control your own Office 365 environment including user access. We highly recommend multifactor authentication. As far as our application, it is a SharePoint-hosted Add-In built using Microsoft’s SharePoint Framework (SPFx). This will probably make your IT team comfortable, but let us know if they have specific questions.

Do you support on-premises versions of SharePoint?

We have a prior version that runs on SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 On-Premises using Silverlight. It only runs within Internet Explorer, and we no longer support this version. If you believe you will be upgrading to Office 365 soon and want to buy a standard license, we will give you a license for the SharePoint 2010/2013 version at no charge. If will probably run fine for you, but keep in mind we are no longer able to troubleshoot and support.

What operating systems and internet browsers are supported?

Operating Systems: Windows 10 and macOS

Browsers: latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

How do I install your product?

Register on this site and you will be directed to download page to retrieve the .sppkg file. That download page has detailed steps and a video tutorial. You will likely need to work with someone from IT who has SharePoint admin rights. They will go to SharePoint admin center > More features > Apps. Then click on App Catalog > Apps for SharePoint, and upload the .sppkg file.

Do you offer consulting services?

No. We are a software-only company. We would be happy to refer you to risk management consultants familiar with our tool though.